PappaRich Auckland Launches Much-Anticipated Satay

PappaRich Auckland CBD store has launched a new range of authentic Malaysian satay with chicken and beef options.
Managing Director of PappaRich New Zealand, Steven Loh says he is delighted to bring satay to the menu. “Our customers have been waiting for satay with great anticipation. It’s an iconic Malaysian delight that completes the dining experience.”
PappaRich is proud of its famous Malaysian satay, where chicken or beef is threaded by hand on bamboo skewers. The meats are first marinated in fresh lemongrass and turmeric to give them a fragrant aroma, and then transferred to the grill where they are seared and the flavours sealed. Chicken or beef satays are served with delicious homemade sweet peanut sauce accompanied by bite-sized cuts of cucumbers and onions.
All the satay meat is sourced locally in New Zealand and delivered fresh to the store. The chicken is free-range, and the beef is thigh meat of premium quality.
Satay skewers are prepared by hand on-site by highly experienced PappaRich staff. To ensure the preparation is perfect, beef and chicken meat is cut into long strips and left to marinate. When ready, staff will thread the strips of meat onto the wooden skewers in an “S” shape, then cook over a smoky charcoal grill for at least 10 minutes to ensure the meat is properly grilled and nicely charred.
“After 2 years of preparation to ensure every detail is perfect, we are ready to serve our premium quality satay to our Auckland customers. It is part of our commitment to bring the best of Malaysian food to local New Zealanders. I am confident that satay will become one of our most popular dishes very quickly,” said Loh.
Loved by many people around the world, satay is one of those dishes that represents Malaysian cuisine. It can be found throughout Malaysia in homes, restaurants and on the street sold by hawkers.
Satay has been selling successfully at PappaRich Wellington store since last September and is now available at PappaRich Auckland CBD store. PappaRich Sylvia Park aims to launch satay in the next a few weeks.
PappaRich is one of the most successful restaurant brands to have emerged out of Malaysia. With more than 125 restaurants worldwide, PappaRich has built its strong reputation by providing the finest Malaysian food to people around the world.